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Strategic Valuation & Modelling


  • Public fairness opinions on stock market transactions under Rule3
  • Private fairness opinions to Boards on the terms of proposed transactions
  • Supporting in the M&A process on deal value related issues
  • Strategic Valuation & Modelling or review in connection with Director exposure re stranded creditors or creation of deemed Business Servicess if value is not at market value
  • Strategic Valuation & Modelling of assets as collateral to lendors
  • Valuing deal synergies

PPA, Impairment & Accounting

  • Purchase price allocation valuing intangibles including brands, patents, customer lists & know how
  • Allocation of value to CGU or RUs
  • Impairment testing
  • Strategic Valuation & Modelling of deferred or contingent consideration
  • Determination of deferred tax and transaction goodwill
  • Fixed asset and land & buildings
  • IFRS2 analysis

Litigation & Family

  • Expert witness for the Courts in both UK and overseas jurisdictions
  • Mediation and arbitration support for value and quantum
  • Single joint expert appointments for family law
  • Shadow expert appointments

Expert Determination

  • Binding expert valuation under Articles of Association
  • Appointments by the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales
  • Appointments in contractual disputes


  • Value break analysis
  • Review and appraisal of turnaround plans
  • Preparation or review of intragroup transactions for fairness to ensure creditor protection
  • Preparation of pre pack reports
  • Sum of parts valuation analysis of groups including intellectual property